About Wendy

Well, hello there. I’m so glad you’ve found me here. I am a wife and mom who is finding her way through the struggles and the good times, the heartaches and the joyful moments. I am learning new things each day about my emotions, my health, my relationships. Let me share some of that with you here?

My life has been changed by the addition of essential oils, tweaking my diet towards a ‘whole foods’ approach, and ridding my home and life of as many toxins as possible.

I am now enjoying a life lived above the wellness line.

I am here to tell you that this life is possible for you too.

You can live life above the wellness line.

Our family - 2013 wendywoerner.com Family photos - 'Someone' wasn't cooperating but it sure made af un memory!

My life has been changed by Young Living essential oils and supplements; by the men and women who have said “yes” to pouring into me the knowledge they have gained along their own health and wellness journey. By helping e to learn more about my emotions and relationships, and cheering me on as I break through barriers and build a new mindset.

I am here to pour into you what I know and new things that I am learning, to help you effect change in your daily life.

My husband and I - high school sweethearts. We look so happy, and we were, we are, but we have had some tumultuous years. God remains steadfast through it all. wendywoerner.com

My life has been changed because I am now equipped with what I often call my ‘oily toolbox’. I have gained access to supplements and essential oils that have become a go-to for me any time I need extra support for my body systems. More importantly, they act as tools to use on a daily basis to help me live the best life possible for me, and above the wellness line.

I am here to equip women to learn and grow, and to guide you as you begin to effect change in your daily lives, by giving you amazing and necessary tools.

Welcome! I am so glad that you are here, too.

Let’s learn together what it means to boldly live an Inspired Life