DIY ‘Untangle Me’ Spray

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As a mom to little girls with long hair, I have been purchasing detangling sprays for years. Because we all know that no one wants to hear their sweet babies cry and moan and groan about how much that hair-pulling, tangle-yanking comb hurts. We can remember how it felt when we were little girls, am I right?

Over the years I have tried many different combs and brushes in combination with detangling sprays to help reduce the discomfort, and too many to count were flops! But I did finally find an excellent solution in The Wet Brush. Have you tried it? If not, head right over and get one. It will change your hair-brushing life!

I never felt great about what is in those sprays I was purchasing and then spraying on my girls’ hair. Let’s face it, if we payed attention at all in science class, then we know that our hair is a part of the integumentary system which is “comprised of our skin and its appendages”…..and our hair is included, as well as our fingernails and toenails. And our skin absorbs anything we put on it. If you haven’t thought about that recently, consider it now.


I don’t like the idea of their hair and skin absorbing nasty chemicals, or the thought that it might get in their eyes, nose, and mouth. Yuck!

So when I started using essential oils, I quickly became excited about all the different things I could switch out in my home to make the products we use more safe for my family. I was only months into this thing when I realized I could make my own spray for the girls’ hair!

That is when I came up with the recipe below.

BONUS: Some of the essential oils I use in this recipe also work well to keep critters at bay. You’re welcome.

DIY 'Untangle Me' Spray Use this spray for yourself and your girls, and enjoy a pleasant hair-brushing experience every single time!

DIY ‘Untangle Me’ Spray

I have added amounts of drops below for ease of use, but do keep in mind that you can add more or less of each essential oil depending on your own personal preference and your needs.

Ingredients Needed

2-4 drops Cedarwood

4-8 drops Lavender

2-4 drops Orange

4 drops Tea Tree

4 drops Patchouli

2 drops Oregano

1 tbsp. conditioner (an option that is as free from toxic chemicals as possible) *optional


glass spray bottle

‘Untangle Me’ Recipe

Add essential oils to glass spray bottle.

Mix in your preferred conditioner, if using.

Fill with distilled water. (I use tap water and it has always worked fine, just fyi.)

Use freely as needed; simply spray on hair and brush.

Helpful Tip – you can create your own spray using oils you prefer, the above list are the ones Ive chosen. As long as you have a good one or two ‘skin’ oils included, you should still achieve good results. 

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DIY 'Untangle Me' Spray Use this spray and enjoy a pleasant brushing experience every time!

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