Send HOPE – encouragement on a pretty card

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I’m so excited to share with you today how you can Send HOPE – encouragement on a pretty card! I’ve explained it all below, so please keep reading.

I recently learned about a product that I think fits perfectly with my goal here – which is to bring encouragement, to equip you, and to help you effect change in your lives. I want to share this amazing product with you all while the product is still relatively unknown!
It’s called the Hope Deck and, as the name implies, it’s an amazing gift that provides encouragement and comfort through God’s word. Inside the Hope Deck are 30, 4″ x 6″ postcards. They can provide a lovely inspirational way to decorate a wall in your home, offer encouragement to a friend who is struggling, or to include with ‘welcome to the team’ cards.
Personally, I plan to use them for sending out to friends, family, and new wholesale members, along with a quick note, to say hello, provide encouragement, or to say “welcome” to my team. If you are an entrepreneur and/or business owner, these cards would also be a fabulous add-on when sending out thank you cards or welcome gifts to your new members and clients.

Send HOPE - encouragement on a pretty card!

Jen Gordon,The Hope Deck’s creator, has a great deal going if you buy 5 or more decks. Check it out at The Hope Deck.

Think about getting more than one so you have one to give away and one to keep? It’s a terrific idea! I can’t wait until mine arrive and I can send out HOPE to all my friends, family, and members!

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